Oleg Leveton


Male Human Expert 2 (Shopkeeper)

Location: Oleg’s Trading Post

Oleg is a quiet, middle-aged man with fierce pride and a no-nonsense attitude. A talented merchant, as well as a past carpenter and stable master, Oleg decided to move to the remote Greenbelt to get away from the constant machinations and political maneuverings that dominated urban life in Restov. All Oleg ever really wanted with his trading post was a place for him and his wife, Svetlana, to live far enough from the sins of civilization without living so far that he couldn’t enjoy its benefits.

Oleg has responded well to the Associates ever since they defended the Post from bandits, seeing the pair of adventurers as a responsible and handy group. However, he is cautious about the implications of explorers from Restov surveying the lands — he isn’t enthused about the possibility of urban life coming into his idyllic countryside.


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