Gael Hanson

Gael no label

Male Human Warrior 1

Location: Oleg’s Trading Post

Gael is the oldest member of the Irregulars – older even than Kesten – and is approaching his very late thirties, but despite this he is as sharp as a hawk. The most observant of Kesten’s crew, Gael is the first to notice something amiss or to see through a lie. He constantly berates Dhavik for telling tall tales… but only after letting him finish.

The others seem to look up to Gael out of respect for his age, and it seems like the young Nidra especially sees him as a mentor. Despite this, Gael knows he will have to retire soon – a few more years, and he’ll no longer have the physique for the soldier’s life. A close friend of Kesten’s, Gael implies that he knows something about the commander’s past – something that consumes Kesten to this day – but he is reluctant to speak about it.


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