Happs Bydon (Deceased)

Happs no label

Male Human Ranger 1

Location: Dead (Hanging outside Oleg’s Trading Post)

Happs was the second-in-command of the bandits that had been extorting Oleg and Svetlana for three months before the Associates arrived. When he and a small group of his bandit underlings came again to take away more of the Levetons’ supplies, the Associates ambushed them in the middle of the fort. In the first moments of the skirmish, Trucceius of the Associates crushed Happs with a single swing of his warhammer.

After the fighting had ended, Trucceius had a moment of brief recognition upon seeing Happs’ face, however his identity could not be placed and was dismissed as someone he’d probably heard of while aiding the city guard in Restov. On his body, a curious silver stag amulet was also found.


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