Harris Conforth

Harris no label

Male Human Warrior 1

Location: Oleg’s Trading Post

Harris is the group’s scout – he likes to call himself the “most free of the Free Irregulars”, and he spends much of his time exploring the area around the fort. Naturally quick of foot, Harris can outrun almost anyone who cares to challenge him and wears a lightweight chain shirt instead of the usual scale mail to better take advantage of his speed. Something of a daydreamer, Harris can get lost for hours just wandering around a place of particular natural beauty – or just somewhere that catches his eye. He also has a particular weakness for gambling and risk-taking, and is constantly challenging the others to dice games, making bets on unimportant things, or pulling dare devilish stunts. While this would land most people quickly in trouble, Harris seems to have a lucky streak a mile wide and has so far come out of it all unscathed.


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