Jhod Kavken

Male Human Cleric 4

Location: Oleg’s Trading Post

Jhod is a good-natured, middle-aged man who has been travelling for the past few years in search of lost temples of Erastil.  He has an amiable demeanor to him, but doesn’t offer much information as far as his past is concerned. He heard rumours of an exploration initiative in the Greenbelt and came to offer his services to the Associates and their allies.

When the Associates came back from their first foray into the Narlmarches, Jhod tirelessly tended to their wounds over the course of a night. The next day, Jhod introduced himself and explained to the Associates that he had recently been given a vision of a particularly illustrious temple of Erastil, now overgrown and hidden within the Narlmarches,  seemingly guarded by some old savagery. Jhod would greatly appreciate it if the Associates could help him find this temple.


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