Kesten Garess

Male Human Fighter 3

Location: Oleg’s Trading Post

Kesten is the leader of the mercenary group “The Free Irregulars”, who are currently under the employ of the Restov Swordlords. Under orders from the Swordlords, the Irregulars are currently garrisoned at Oleg’s Trading Post to help defend it from the local bandits.

Kesten is a moody and reserved man entering his early thirties, but he is an undoubtedly skilled soldier. Although his name marks him as born of noble blood, there is little in his demeanor to indicate it. He carries considerably more heavy-duty equipment than his men — he wears a very-well made suit of half-plate and prefers to fight with a scimitar and a heavy steel shield.

Kesten greeted the Associates, extended greetings from the Restov Swordlords, and offered them the help of the Free Irregulars. However, Kesten doesn’t seem like he’d leave the Trading Post for any extended period of time.

Kesten had a bounty of sorts to give the Associates. A former Free Irregular named Falgrim Sneeg abandoned the group in the middle of the night and decided to take all of their valuables with him. Word has it that he’s now in the Greenbelt, trying to make a name for himself among the local bandits. Kesten will repay the Associates handsomely from the Free Irregulars’ extensive arsenal if they bring in Falgrim, preferably alive so that he may face trail in Restov.


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