Rommus no label

Medium Animal

Rommus is the loyal hound of the Associate Truccieus.

Less than a year into his training as a paladin, Trucceius was already attempting to clear the streets of evil and lawlessness. On one escapade he found himself at the door of an underground dog-fighting ring. The building was empty save for a few thugs and the manager, counting his gold and divvying it among his subordinates. After a brief struggle, Trucceius managed to cleanse the building of sin, skull by skull, lucky there were so few people inside. He made his way into the kennel where he looked over the fighting dogs. All of them had become traumatized and violent from their time in the ring. Every dog snarled and barked, or cowered at the back of their cage, covered in scars and poorly cared for. All of them were beyond healing, except one. A young pup, still being trained, pressed its nose to its cage, curious about the new scent. Trucceius kneeled down and stared at the charcoal black mastiff. It stared back at him, not moving a muscle. Trucceius reached out for the dog, who growled at him. Curious, Trucceius moved his hand closer and the dog snarled. As Trucceius peered into the cage he small a smaller pup huddled in the corner of the cage. He walked out of the room, returning with a link of sausages kept in the building’s pantry. He held one out for the dog to sniff, who cautiously took the sausage into his mouth, bringing it to the younger pup. A few sausages later the dog seemed to have lowered its guard. Trucceius reached once more for the cage, and while the dog growled, it let him reach for the cage’s latch. He unlatched the cage door, and held his hand out once again. The dog crept out, sniffing his hand. From that moment Trucceius resolved to tend to the two dogs, he called the charcoal one Rommus, and the other (I forgot what I named her). When he managed to lead them home and give them some food, he returned to the kennel, and ended the misery of the rest.


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