Truccieus Daxitus

Trucceis no label

Male Human Paladin-Inquisitor


Trucceius was born the only son of a famous chef, who worked as a chef for a number of venues across the upper class areas of the city. His father worked long hours and rarely came home other than to sleep. As such, Trucceius became quite estranged from his father and had to learn to take care of himself. In doing this he became quite independent and had his father hire a tutor for him. It was expensive but his father accepted, most likely out of guilt.He was a quiet boy, he didn’t go outside unless he had to and he had very few friends. by the age of ten he had learned to read and write, and took to collecting a variety of books to read as a pastime. One of these books was a holy text of Iomedae, who Trucceius knew had a church in the city he lived in. At first he thought of it as little more than an interesting piece of reading material, but the ideas and values he read in the text made him look at his surroundings in a new light. He began to see that evil and lawlessness was everywhere, even in his own home. He resented those who disrespected the law and waived virtue for sin.

Joining the Church of Iomedae

At the age of eleven he joined the church of Iomedae and began focusing his studies on theology, slowly developing his own philosophy on law and goodness. He had little empathy for people who broke the law or did evil deeds, and restlessly waited until he could contribute more towards combating it. Not being a very physically active boy, he found himself at the age of 18 taking on the role of an inquisitor first, studying divine magic and ensuring the members of his church were adhering to its rules. On occasion, he would investigate local criminal operations and attempt to report them to the guards. Unfortunately that helped very little and his frustration and restlessness grew, he knew that if he wanted to rid the world of evil and chaos he would have to do it his own way. At the age of 21 he began training as a paladin, tirelessly practicing martial weaponry and combat techniques. Armed with a knowledge of law and a fanatical devotion to justice, he set out as soon as he could, sweeping through the streets to take on whatever evil he could handle. But a criminal often sent word to their boss, and their boss would send word to a merchant they were in business with, and a merchant would send word to the city rulers, all of whom were annoyed with Trucceius’ contribution to the enforcement of justice. Even his church became restless with him, fr even though he obeyed every law, his tenacity brought him a lot of attention, and tensions grew between them and the larger churches. Despite this, the church and the city knew Trucceius as a capable fighter and so they did not want to get rid of him entirely.

The Expedition

When the city was called to send an expedition out to establish a settlement, they found a perfect opportunity to rid themselves of Trucceius while still putting him and his skills to good use. They were worried he might decline, but he in fact accepted enthusiastically, for unlike the others he still felt restricted and restless in the confines of the city, and saw this as his chance to purge the world of evil without restraint, and in doing so, help his people and his country.


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