Breeg Orlivanch (Deceased)

Breeg Orlivanch no label

Male Human Ranger 2

Location: Dead (Along the shores of the Thorn River)

Breeg was a depraved trapper who managed to carve out his own area of the Narlmarches to skin any animals that became trapped in his wicked bear traps. However, he detested the rest of society and became protective of his glade, going as far as to quietly dispense of any other hunters or travelers who tried to travel through his portion of the woods.

Breeg wasn’t happy in the least when he heard that explorers had come to chart the Greenbelt, but when they asked him to help them navigate the Narlmarches, he saw his chance to rid himself of future trouble. He lead them to the most trap-laden portion of his glade and rode away, abandoning them to what he thought was certain death. Afterwards, he rode south to the shores of the Thorn River, where he was somehow crushed by logs from his own deadfall trap. The Associate Nixfae discovered that someone else may have triggered the deadfall to fall on Breeg.


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