Thorn River

Located in the Northern Narlmarches, the banks of the Thorn River are thick with stinging nettles and tangles of sharp brambles. The river itself is relatively narrow, averaging 60 feet in width and 30 feet deep.

The Associates first came across the Thorn River when attempting to track the bandits that escaped from Oleg’s Trading Post. When attempting to cross it, they were attacked by a River Snake. Later, they camped out on it’s northern shore until they saw bandits aboard a raft moving downstream. They engaged the bandits in combat and, once their foes had become entangled in the brambles, lit the thorns aflame, killing most of the bandits.

After some time, the Associates came back down to the Thorn River in their pursuit of Breeg Orlivanch, who had been crushed by his own deadfall trap on the river’s northern shore.


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