Varn Lorsmun

Varn Lorsmun no label

Male Half-Elf Ranger

Location: His cottage, along the eastern edge of the Narlmarches.

Varn Lorsmun is an interesting sight to behold; the large man, standing tall at six and half feet, is usually covered in thick furs and leather armour. His ears are curved and pointed, revealing his half-elf heritage, but his eyes betray some hidden bestial nature. Varn  is a known amongst the inhabitants of the Greenbelt as a good-natured man and a skillful trapper. He’s mapped a good portion of the woods, but has mostly kept to the eastern half of the Narlmarches ever since Breeg Orlivanch came to the forest.

Varn was happy to make the Associates’ acquaintance, and upon being asked about the current state of the woods, shared his own investigation into recent usual behavior of the wolves, who seem to have become abnormally malevolent. After the Associates agreed to look into the matter, he shared some of his maps of the western Narlmarches to aid them.



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