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Pharast 14th, 4710 – When the party awoke the next day, Trucceius described the creature to Nixfae, who identified it as a Mite, an ugly, evil, and wretched form of fey. They continued their way southeast, discovering a large river fjord that seems to be the origin of the Thorn river, connecting the rivers in the Stolen Lands with that which flows through their home city of Restov. Close by, however, they discover the bloodied remains of a Kobold, who’d looked to have suffered an unusually gruesome and torturous death. The party then found large trails of blood that seem to indicate another victim may have been dragged off. With the help of Rommus, they tracked the blood’s scent northeast, in the same direction as the Mite from the previous night had fled, until they found an old, dead sycamore tree atop a grass less hill. Nixfae discovered a gap in the roots that led to an underground passageway underneath the tree, and began to climb downwards to investigate. Trucceius, imagining how uncomfortable such a tight space would be for his armoured frame, stayed above ground while Nixfae investigated. Underground, Nixfae discovered a more complex and widespread system of tunnels, including one which led to a room filled with incubating insectoid eggs and a group of large centipedes. After a Mite turned and noticed the gnome, she commanded the centipedes to attack. Nixfae ran towards the exit and was narrowly saved by Rommus, who ran down into the tunnels and killed the centipedes. However, both Nixfae and Rommus were stunned and dragged away before Trucceius could come to their rescue.

Pharast 13th, 4710 – The party continued it’s way south into the Karnelands, where they discovered a small wooden cottage. The knock at the door was answered by Varn Lorsum, a local half-elf hunter who made a gruff but friendly introduction to the Associates; it would seem that their reputation had already began to spread through the Greenbelt. After asking for information on the local area, Varn explained that as a hunter he couldn’t simply give out his prized maps to anyone. However, if the Associates were to aid the hunter in an investigation, he would be disposed to handing them over. The investigation Varn requested was into the local wolves, which have been acting strange as of late; hunting for sport, torturing animals, and attacking humans with unprecedented frequency. The Associates agreed to keep an eye out for these strange and cruel wolves, and in return, they convinced Varn to give them his own personal maps of the Narlmarches’ western edge. After parting with Varn, they continued west until they discovered a rickety bridge. Not wanting to risk the journey over, they turned eastwards until nightfall. During the night, Trucceius awoke to see a small, blueish-grey creature attempting to open their money chest. After scaring off the snarling imp, Trucceius saw it depart north-eastwards.

Pharast 12th, 4710 – Upon waking up at Oleg’s, Robert discovers a message hidden underneath the floor of the guesthouse; there seems to be a message in a bottle, written by a Taldan soldier back when the old fort served it’s initial purpose. The message detailed some treasure hidden eastwards, and asks the recipient of the letter to make sure the wealth finds it’s way to the writer’s “fair Ophelia in Restov”. Afterwards, the Associates made their way south, entering the hilly Karnelands. While they explored the first hex,  Trucceius noticed a small glint coming from a shallow cavern. Upon climbing into it, the party found a strain of untouched gold running through the rock; enough to perhaps build a mine one day. After making a note of it’s location, the party slept for the night.

Pharast 11th, 4710 – The nasty weather had mostly cleared up the next morning, and the Associates traveled south to find the bandits. On their journey, they encountered the abandoned bear den, but this time it appears to have been recently used by wolves. As well, Trucceius had issues with a skunk having seemingly appeared in his backpack. Once they reached the Thorn River, the duo followed it south and began exploring the hex in which they were attacked by bandits beforehand. In the late afternoon, they diverged from the river and followed an offshoot stream, which led away in the direction from which the bandits had emerged just over a week ago. They encountered a bandit watchtower, and upon Rommus managing to climb and toss the bandit guard off of it, bandits began emerging from the nearby trees, including the leader as described by the Leveton’s; a cruel woman wielding two hatchets. As the battle began, Trucceius and Rommus began fighting bandits on the shores of the stream, including a burnt survivor from the duo’s previous combat with these foes. Meanwhile, Nixfae used magic to disguise himself as a stealthy fae, but his plans were thwarted by the bandit lieutenant, who’s thrown daggers pierced through his magical veil. In a skirmish between the two, Nixfae finally managed to stun the bandit with a Color Spray spell, rendering her unconscious. After the battle concluded, the Associates interrogated the bound lieutenant, who revealed very little information as to whom she served. However, the party did finally receive a name for the bandit who supposedly runs the entire Greenbelt; the Staglord, whose stag-shaped silver amulets have already been found by the Associates on the bodies of his underlings. After the party was satisfied with the information given, they delivered onto the bandit a gruesome death sentence and went on to investigate the nearby bandit camp. As it’s inhabitants were just killed, the camp was empty and the party discovered a large pile of stolen goods, among which Trucceius identified some of Oleg’s stolen shipments. They traveled back to Oleg’s and gave him the location of his stolen things. Upon doing so, Oleg also offered them some letters that had been left for some of the neighboring inhabitants of the Greenbelt that the Associates could aid him by delivering them.

Pharast 10th, 4710 – The Associates refilled their bags of animal feed at Oleg’s and went out to explore the plains located to the west of the trading post. However, their exploration was made more difficult from torrential rain, strong winds and cold temperatures. Associate Nixfae in particular had difficulty, as he suffered minor frostbite and then was blown off of his horse by a gust of wind. Despite these conditions, the party finally did finish their mapping of the region by the end of the evening, and happened to discover a large, hidden grove of rare albino raspberries.

Pharast 9th, 4710 – The Associates came back to the Northwestern corner of the Narlmarches, and decided to spend the day exploring the hex. They happened upon a hidden pasture filled with Moon Radish patches, but it was guarded by four, very-full kobolds. The kobolds rushed to defend what they thought was their radish patch, and after communications with the bitter, kobold-hating Nixfae broke down, the party engaged them in combat. The kobolds were easily dispersed by the group, who then took a basket of radishes back to Oleg’s.

Pharast 8th, 4710 – As the Associates traveled west from the end of the Thorn River, they spent the day exploring another hex. Upon doing so, they happened upon an empty bear den. When they heard bear noises coming from a nearby bush, they all braced themselves for combat before seeing a small squirrel emerge, making bear noises before disappearing into the trees. As they continued westwards, other small magical ‘pranks’ were played on the party, and eventually Nixfae realized that they may be the unfortunate subject of some fae tricksters.

Pharast 7th, 4710 – The Associates explored the hex around the trapper’s corpse. They identified the Thorn River as the same in which they fought the snake and the bandits, and eventually found it’s delta, where is disperses into smaller creeks and bogs. At the end of the day, they decided to travel westward along the river’s northern shoreline.

Pharast 6th, 4710 – As the Associates attempted to navigate their way out of the glade filled with Breeg’s bear traps, Nixfae accidentally stepped upon one, which sprang up onto his leg, nearly severing his foot through his ankle. Truccieus managed to pull the jaws of the trap apart and rushed the unconscious and dying Nixfae back to Oleg’s, where the cleric Jhod tended to his wounds. After telling the others of Breeg’s betrayal, the party set out to track the trapper. After using the scent of one of Breeg’s bear traps, Rommus was able to track the trapper south, to the shores of the Thorn River. The party discovered Breeg already dead, crushed under his own deadfall trap. Upon closer inspection, Nixfae noticed that the trap may have been triggered on purpose by someone.

Pharast 5th, 4710 – Upon returning to Oleg’s to purchase more rations, the Associates met a trapper named Breeg Orlivanch. They managed to convince the trapper to be their guide through the perilous woods, but just as the Trucceius began to doubt the trapper’s intentions, the traitorous Breeg abandoned the party in a glade laden with his own bear traps. In an effort to lure him back out, Nixfae used ghost sounds to mimic a human scream, but it only succeeded in attracting a nearby wolf pack. After the party decimated the first wolf to charge them, the rest of the predators retreated, and the Associates had a late dinner of braised wolf ribs.

Pharast 4th, 4710 – The Associates left Oleg’s after receiving a small list of requests from the residents there, including the retrieval of rare moon radishes for Svetlana, an investigation into Falgrim Sneeg, a former associate of the Free Irregulars – turned bandit, and to keep an eye out for any temples of Erastil on behalf of Jhod. They then explored a new region of the grasslands extending southwest along the edge of the forest, encountering various local wildlife, including a herd of Konig Horses (or King Horses) and a dangerous Giant Spider, the latter of which they swiftly defeated.

Pharast 3rd, 4710 – The Associates formally met the newcomers in Oleg’s Trading Post and then begin exploring the plains outside of the forests. They explored the grasslands around Oleg’s, finding nothing of note except for a particularly large field of sunflowers, which they theorized could be magical in nature. They returned to Oleg’s that night to rest.

Pharast 2nd, 4710 – The Associates began tracking the bandits into the woods. While they traveled through the grasslands outside of the trading post, they noticed strange magical happenings with the local animals, but could not discern a reason. Later, they came under attack from a river snake while attempting to cross the Thorn River, but managed to defeat it. During nightfall, they rested by the river until they saw a small group of bandits embarking down the river on a raft. A battle ensued in which almost all the bandits were killed, but the Associates were gravely wounded. They rushed back to Oleg’s, where newcomers to the trading post, including “The Free Irregulars” mercenary group and a wandering Cleric of Erastil named Jhod, came to their aid.

Pharast 1st, 4710 – The Associates set off to the Greenbelt, arriving at Oleg’s Trading Post by the end of the day. They met Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, the two most southerly residents of Brevoy who operate a small trading post in an abandoned fort. They heard about the Leveton’s plight with monthly extortions from local banditry. That night, they help ward off a small group of bandits, killing two and driving the other two away from the post.

Calistril 26th, 4710 – The Associates officially received their exploration charter from the Swordlords of Restov.